Our customers eagerly await the arrival of our new creations. From the start, we have always designed our own products. The collection includes hand-made belts, purses and wallets, wearable bags and pocketed waistcoats.Plus the majority of our goods are totally original with no two items being the same. The materials often incorporated into our leather pieces means you are buying a completely unique piece; old watches, door numbers, pipes, broken industrial parts and all sorts of junk ……Hands, time, labour = a truly personal possession. As well as this unusual linewe also have a great reputation for our serial products including belts, buckles depicting old and contemporary Ŭstanbul.



  Solid Brass Frame Buckle   Solid Brass Frame Buckle   Solid Brass Frame Buckle  


  Oval Chrome   Holed Leather - Flat Buckle   Circle  


  Copper rounded-nacre   Zamak - Soviet   Zamak - Flowery  


  Pascha - Oxided   Pascha - Brass   Pascha- Star  


  Old Gas Cap   Jean D'Arc   Viva Zapata  


  Plane   Rosette - Bead   Drainer -Solid Brass  


  Copper with Piston ring Groupe   Copper with Piston ring Groupe   Solid Brass Frame Groupe  


  Pascha Square Brass Molding   Brass rounded Flowery   Richard  


  Dido   Oval - Groupe   Holed Leather - Flat Buckle  


  Oval Buckle with Penture   Copper Rounded Antique Part   Flat Copper Rounded  


  Old Military Classical   Star Mirror   Ŭstanbul Molding  


  Ottoman Flag Brass Molding   Display General   Volkswagen Bus Buckle  


  Sultan's Pocket (Silk)   Battlefield Belt   Embroidery  


  Sailor   Matador   Leather General  


  Military Belt Processed   Copper Gas Pipes   Belts General  


  Narrow Army Belt   Cressent    Kararibinia  

Fonksiyonel Aksesuarlar


  Industrial Apron   Photo Waistcoat   Engineer Pocket  


  Engineer Purse   Opened Engineer Purse   Stainless Steel Corkscrew  



  Purses   Purse   Purse Chrome Chain  



  Thick Leather Wristlet with Fur   Leather Wristlets   With Thick Buckles  


  Thick Leather Wristlet with Fur (opened)   Flat Buckle Figured   Narrow Buckle with Fur